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How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service?

Call Hotmail Customer Service

How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service


Hotmail is a free email service comfortable with popular browser like Mozilla, google chrome, safari, internet explorer etc. It is advanced and updated technology to communicate and easy emailing feature for all business and personal.

Contact Hotmail Customer Service

  • Log in to “Hotmail” with your account
  • Click on the “help”
  • Click on “view other help suggestions or contact us” on the left side
  • Select “other-Contact MSN Hotmail” How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Now fill the “contact form”

Create Hotmail Account How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service

  • Open “your browse” and type “Hotmail official page”
  • And “click’ on the “sign up now”
  • Now the form you will see on the screen
  • Now enter your information very carefully ( username, password, country, zip code, birth date)
  • Enter the “characters” to “verify” your account
  • Read carefully and “Accept” the term and conditions
  • Now “click” on “create account”

Synchronize Hotmail on iPhone

  • First, go to the “iPhone””
  • Now go to the “settings”
  • Go to the “mail ,contacts, calendar How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Then “click” on it
  • Go to “accounts”
  • Click on “add accounts” , you will see a list of accounts names
  • Now “click” on the “outlook”
  • Enter your full “email address and password”
  • Finally “Hotmail” is added on your “iPhone”

Hotmail SMTP Setting in iPhone

  • Go to the “”settings”
  • Click on “mail, contacts and calendar”
  • Then “click” on “add account
  • Enter your “name, email address and password” How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Now type a “description” then “click” on save” How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Now a message will appear on the screen
  • Go to “accounts heading” and “click” on the “email account”
  • Go to “outgoing mail server”
  • Check your server is “on”
  • Check “SSL” is “on”
  • Now check authentication
  • Check the server port (587 or 25)
  • Now “click” on “SMTP”
  • Return to “menu” and click on “”advanced”
  • On incoming settings
  • Check (SSL, authentication and the server port is 995)
  • Return to the “menu” and click “on home”

Hotmail Customer Support

Instant solution for Hotmail issues and errors under the guidance of the technical engineers. The team provide technical service for 24*7 hours and 7 days in a week. Call @ +1-855-785-2511(toll-free) for more support & help.

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Microsoft hotmail support number

How do I contact Hotmail Customer Service?


Microsoft offers support to all customers using its products – and this takes different forms.

  1. Microsoft Customer Service and Support is available to support is you with questions about Microsoft products and services. In this case, a Microsoft representative will help you locate the appropriate resource or team to answer questions. This is meant to be used if you have general customer service questions
  2. Microsoft Technical Support will provide support options and locate the appropriate support team to resolve technical support issues, which you may be facing. This may include self-help support or assisted support.

To contact Hotmail Customer Service:

  • Log in to Hotmail – ideally with the account you have a question on, but any account will do.Microsoft hotmail support number
  • Click on Help, in the upper right corner of the Hotmail page.
  • Click on View other Help suggestions or contact us near the bottom of the left-hand side of the resulting page.
  • Select Other – Contact MSN Hotmail in the Category drop-down list.
  • Fill out the contact form.

Need Support? Dial 1-855-785-2511 Toll-Free 24*7 Customer Support Service

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