Microsoft Phone Number

What is Microsoft customer service phone number?
Microsoft Phone Number

Microsoft plays a very important role in the field of operating system with the powerful key features. It can manage all the software tools, files and data.

Use Microsoft Account in Windows 10

  • Select “start” menu
  • Select on “settings”
  • Now go to the setting window and “select” on “account” Microsoft Phone Number
  • Go to the “accounts” window
  • And “click” on “your account”
  • Select on “sign in with a Microsoft account instead” Microsoft Phone Number
  • Then “make it yours” screen will appear
  • Sign in to your account or create a new account
  • Select on “create one” Microsoft Phone Number
  • Enter your email address in the first box
  • Then enter your password in the second box
  • Select your “country”
  • Now select on the “next” Microsoft Phone Number
  • A new window will open and “tick” the two boxes
  • Select on the “next” Microsoft Phone Number
  • Please enter the “new password” in the” current windows password
  • After entering a new password click on the “next”
  • Go to the “use windows hello instead of your password Microsoft Phone Number
  • After completing sign up process
  • Please “click” on “verify” Microsoft Phone Number Microsoft Phone Number
  • Now a new window will open in front of you
  • Then enter your email address and password Microsoft Phone Number
  • Select on “verify” and you have successfully created a Microsoft account

How to change local account to Microsoft account

  • Click on “Start”
  • Go on “setting commands”
  • Then “click” on the “settings for account”
  • Click on “Sign in with your Microsoft account instead”
  • Now enter your username and password
  • Select on sign in
  • Enter your password and “click” on “next”
  • Now type your “pin” and “click” on “OK”
  • Create new account if you done have Microsoft account
  • Click on “lets create your account”
  • Now enter your information very carefully
  • Then click on “next”
  • Now “add security info” your (phone number)
  • Select on “next”
  • Deselect the check boxes and then click on “enter”
  • Enter your password
  • Wait for few seconds your windows account is set

Microsoft Phone number Microsoft Phone Number

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Microsoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft Technical Support Number

Microsoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft software is very important for operating your system and comfortable for all the devices. It is full of many interesting features to share your files, documents, audio, visual, images and many more. Microsoft Support Phone Number

Verify the Expiration Date in Partner Membership Center

Follow these simple steps to verify the action expiry date

  • Go to “partner membership center”
  • Sign in to your account
  • Then go to “order and benefits”
  • Select on the “Microsoft action pack”
  • Now you can see the expiry date on (current enrollment) window

How to renew Microsoft Office Action Pack Subscription

  • First, go to the “partner membership center”
  • Then “sign in” to your account
  • Now click on “order & benefits”
  • Select on “Microsoft action pack subscription”
  • Go to “current enrollment”
  • You will see the option “subscribe to action pack”
  • Then select on “subscribe”
  • Now fill the correct information to complete the order
  • You will see the confirmation window and “select” on “continue”
  • Check the information of billing and shipping
  • Please “click” on “I accept”
  • Select the “place order” within 24 hours your order will be placed

Microsoft Partner Visual network Subscription

For High Level Assignment

  • Sign in to “partner membership center”
  • Check the “required and assets
  • Go to the “individuals and assign roles”
  • Click on the “technical contacts”
  • And click on “save”
  • Now, click on “requirements and assets”
  • Then click on “privileges”
  • Now click on “msdn subscription”
  • Now go to “individual”
  • Select on “submit”
  • Individual will get a message
  • Go to “” and sign in
  • You will see the first name, last name, contact email
  • Finally you have completed the process

For Competency Partners

  • Click on “requirements and assets”
  • Now, Click on the “privileges”
  • Then, Click on the “msdn subscription”
  • Go to “individual” and click on “submit”
  • A message will be received
  • Sign in and enter (first name, last name, contact email)
  • Now you have completed the process and enjoy the benefits

Contact Microsoft Support Microsoft Support Phone Number

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Office 365 Student Subscription

Buy 365 Student Subscription

Office 365 Student Subscription

Office 365 student subscription is very useful software to manage all the activities needed for a student. It is with extra ordinary features for student benefits such as word, power point, excel and OneNote. It is very compatible on windows, Mac, Android, ios, tablets and phones to make the life and work easy for both student and teachers.

Eligibility Requirements for office 365 Student Subscription

  • You should be a part or full time student
  • Should have email address provided by the school
  • To sign in the account you should have a legal age
  • A good internet connection

Useful for Students

  • Students can use digital notebook and improves the reading skills
  • It is very modern tool for the classroom student
  • Easy to assess documents with audio and video

Change settings of Office 365 Student Subscription

  • Sign in to your student account
  • Go to “my app settings”
  • Select on the “settings”
  • Now select on “office 365” Office 365 Student Subscription
  • Check your current settings
  • Go to “setting”
  • And “select” the “category” like (theme, start page, notification, software)
  • Or you may select (personal info, subscription, security and privacy)

Office 365 Student Subscription

  • Make the changes required
  • And then click on “save”

How to check your school is a part of the program

  • GO to the “office 365 education site”
  • Select on “find out if you are eligible”
  • Now type the school email address
  • If you are eligible then you will receive an email on sign up instructions
  • And if you are not eligible then you will get a message “office 365 education is not available for the school”
  • Now follow the instructions to complete the process
  • And complete the download office process

Office 365 Student Subscription Customer Support Office 365 Student Subscription

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How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service?

Call Hotmail Customer Service

How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service


Hotmail is a free email service comfortable with popular browser like Mozilla, google chrome, safari, internet explorer etc. It is advanced and updated technology to communicate and easy emailing feature for all business and personal.

Contact Hotmail Customer Service

  • Log in to “Hotmail” with your account
  • Click on the “help”
  • Click on “view other help suggestions or contact us” on the left side
  • Select “other-Contact MSN Hotmail” How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Now fill the “contact form”

Create Hotmail Account How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service

  • Open “your browse” and type “Hotmail official page”
  • And “click’ on the “sign up now”
  • Now the form you will see on the screen
  • Now enter your information very carefully ( username, password, country, zip code, birth date)
  • Enter the “characters” to “verify” your account
  • Read carefully and “Accept” the term and conditions
  • Now “click” on “create account”

Synchronize Hotmail on iPhone

  • First, go to the “iPhone””
  • Now go to the “settings”
  • Go to the “mail ,contacts, calendar How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Then “click” on it
  • Go to “accounts”
  • Click on “add accounts” , you will see a list of accounts names
  • Now “click” on the “outlook”
  • Enter your full “email address and password”
  • Finally “Hotmail” is added on your “iPhone”

Hotmail SMTP Setting in iPhone

  • Go to the “”settings”
  • Click on “mail, contacts and calendar”
  • Then “click” on “add account
  • Enter your “name, email address and password” How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Now type a “description” then “click” on save” How do I Call Hotmail Customer Service
  • Now a message will appear on the screen
  • Go to “accounts heading” and “click” on the “email account”
  • Go to “outgoing mail server”
  • Check your server is “on”
  • Check “SSL” is “on”
  • Now check authentication
  • Check the server port (587 or 25)
  • Now “click” on “SMTP”
  • Return to “menu” and click on “”advanced”
  • On incoming settings
  • Check (SSL, authentication and the server port is 995)
  • Return to the “menu” and click “on home”

Hotmail Customer Support

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